Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words or So

I can just hear you years from now. Mommy, didn’t I ever smile? Why do I always look mad in all my pictures?

The short answer is yes, you did smile, just not on camera.

In general, Ella, you are very smiley. You smile huge, wide smiles all the time. You are a bit more reserved in front of the camera, but more likely to let us capture those sideways grins. Anna, you are much more shy and particular with smiles. Especially first thing in the morning, you smile too. But it usually takes more work to get a big grin out of you. And you tend to flash little smiles quickly.

And both of you like to stare very solemnly into the camera. The little black box comes out and you start looking very seriously at it, no matter what antics Daddy and I are trying behind the camera. So, it is a wonderful feat when we get a picture with both of you smiling.… a crazy stroke of luck. This problem might be overcome if we bought a camera where the time between depressing the button and the picture being taken is less than 3 seconds. Although that sounds like a very short period of time, when you are trying to get two infants to sit still, it is interminable.

Below, our first mistake was trying to take these pictures just before bed. You weren’t in the best of moods already. Our second mistake was putting you in a hot outfit when you were already pretty warm. Third was trying to make you sit up on your own, which you can’t quite do yet. We should have propped you on something, but we were trying to get the pics before you totally exploded. Our fourth mistake is deciding half way through to move the blanket in the background, thus making photoshopping a smiling head from another picture almost impossible.

Anna: “What am I doing here alone? Where’s Ella?”

Ella: “I’m coming, hold your horses!”
Anna: “Oh my, Mommy has that black thing again. “

Ella: “Take that!”
Anna: “Mommy, she’s hitting me again.”
Bailey: “Wait, when did they get tails? I need to sniff their butts!”

Anna: “Man, Daddy sure can act funny sometimes.”
Ella: “Yeah, what on Earth is he doing?”

Ella: “I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do here.”
Anna: “I think they want us to do something….Ella, um, do you know what we’re supposed to be doing?”

Ella: “Wait, I’m falling. Oh, thanks Daddy.”
Anna: “Aww man, you weren’t coming to get me out of here.”

Ella: “Ok, I am so over this, let’s blow raspberries..”
Anna: “Yeah, are we done yet?”

Ella: “I am not going to smile anymore, so you should just pack it up.”
Anna: “I’m starting to get irritated, Mommy!”

Ella: “You know, actually, that Daddy guy is kind of funny.”
Anna: “I don’t know, I’ve had enough fun for one night.”

Anna: “No seriously, I’m done with this.” 
Anna: “Really…done with this people!
Ella: “I’m ok, but you’re shaking the camera, Mommy.”

Anna: “Wait, now I’m falling over. Oh good, we’re done right?”
Ella: “Whatever.”

Anna: “Noooo, don’t just sit me back up.”
Ella: “You know, that Daddy is cracking me up.”

Anna: “I am telling you people, I don’t want to do this anymore.” Ella: “Come on Anna, check out Daddy.”

Ella: “Hey, Anna, this isn’t so bad.” Anna: “Now she’s falling on me! Do you see this?”

Ella: “Yeah, she’s right. We’re done.”

Anna: “I SAID WAAAAAAA” Ella: “Me too….WAAAAA”

Ella: “Wait a minute, you’ve had your chance, now it’s my turn to cry. You be quiet.”