Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Things are New Again

Recently there have been several things that I have tried after having written them off as not for me long ago.  One example of this is knitting.  In case you've never met me, I have an OCD streak.  I like things perfect and I will often redo them to get them just perfect.  This seems more true when crafting.  I like to cross stitch because there is no "gauge", you put the needle up in this spot and down in that and it never really changes.  And if you do it wrong, you rip it out and start again.  Crochet more easily hides mistakes, but I frequently rip out and start over.  In fact, a blanket I am currently working on I restarted so many times that my friends say I could have crocheted the whole thing twice.  That is perhaps a slight exaggeration.  Knitting always frustrated me because it is harder to rip out and fix mistakes.  But with the help and encouragement of my knitting buddies (and a good lesson on unknitting), I have gotten back on the knitting horse and am working on a basketweave scarf in burnt orange and white.  I am enjoying the change--and the small amount of yarn it uses!  And it is a good reminder that just because I didn't like something years ago, trying again won't hurt me.  After all, I can dislike it twice just as easily as once, or I can find out it isn't so bad after all. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perhaps we'll pay for the Vet's Kid's Masters Too

Revolting developments in the pet health situation at the Daniel house.  TH's cat Abby, the only one not recently at the vet, was attacked last Monday night.  She was badly bitten and within hours had a high fever.  After a night at the vet and more than an hour under anesthesia for debridement, she came home with a nasty frankenstein gash and a very sad face. 
Tonight we found another spot swelling that is most likely an abcess from an untreated bite.  We now have enough experience with them to know one when we feel one.  Sigh.  More vet bills.  And poor little girl who would rather chew off her foot than go to the vet. 

On the bright side, the scotties are being very protective of her.  They were even laying on both sides of her the other night.  I can only figure she must have been in a drug induced coma to allow that.  And I couldn't snap off a picture as Moxie has begun to regard the camera as "that dang lightning box that Mom keeps pointing at me when I am good and comfy somewhere." Note to self: cell phone camera pics are great, but puppies should experience flashes EARLY rather than later.  :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to fund your child's college tuition--be the Daniel household's Vet

I swear that we haven't gone a single month since our marriage without a vet visit. Between yearly visits, vaccinations, Moxie getting spayed, both Emma and Ace getting absesses from bites and Moxie getting a nasty stomach bug, it's been quite a bill.  I could have bought a really nice computer with all that dough.

I am glad that I have relatively healthy animals--you wouldn't know it from this post, but I do. I have friends who have animals with cancer, bad injuries, hereditary problems and persistent lameness.  So I really should thank my lucky stars. 

This is where Moxie spent almost the entire day. Sick tummy sucks!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Limited Perfectionism

It's an interesting thing about my personality that I have very limited perfectionism.  I like for things to be straight.  I have a hanging picture that I straighten at least once a week.  I will move things into the rainbow color order.  But this level of perfection doesn't necessarily transfer to my housekeeping (umm, it doesn't transfer AT ALL), or my cube keeping (only about once every quarter). 

What it does transfer to is my crocheting.  I am constantly ridiculed from my habit of ripping out the beginning of an afghan MULTIPLE times.  I have resisted the stitching of a gauge as I don't want to waste the yarn.  Yet, if I would stitch a gauge, I would learn the stitches and get my gauge all in one (or maybe 6) fell swoop.  This proclivity for ripping out what I don't like is what is keeping me from pursuing knitting. I like the way the stitches look when knitted, but I am too O.C.D. to ignore errors.  So, I am beginning a new afghan and driving my husband and cats crazy stitching and then ripping.  His cat is eying my pile of ripped yarn with mischievous eyes.  She keeps swatting at the yarn as I rip it into a pile, then stitch it out, then rip it into a pile again. And she just cannot understand why I chide her for this.  Isn't that what yarn was invented for: the enjoyment of a cat? 

Perhaps the 7th time will be the charm!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's in a Name--Attitude

I have always heard you should never name a dog something you don't want them to be.  Name a dog Crash and he will be a constant bar knocker.  Name one Psych and it will bark like a fiend.  Name a dog Moxie and don't expect her to sit in her crate quietly when you run her sister!

Moxie's first show was at Reliant in July.  Before that, I don't know that she realized that going to shows was agility, she just wasn't getting to do it.  We crated far enough from the ring that she didn't realize what was going on.  At Reliant it was like a big light bulb went off over her head.  When I took her out she would have a little dancing party.  And when I took Bailey out of her crate and left Moxie in, she vocally made her disapproval known. 

THEN she got spayed and had to sit through a whole show without running.  I have several videos of Bailey running where you can hear Moxie in the background whining and crying pitifully.  Well, this weekend, there was another show (same place as the one she couldn't play was held).  The first day she cried and was unhappy when Bailey ran and then when her runs came she was great.  The second day, I take Bailey for her first run and as I come out of the ring I hear "Loose Scottie" and I think "well, she's on leash, come on guys."  I hear my name and look up to see another competitor holding Moxie, who is paddling her legs and trying to get to me.  She had stuck her nose or paw between the zippers and pushed her way out of her crate, then run a good way to try to get in the ring before being caught. 

So, now I have to clip the crate zippers together and hope she figures out that she gets to play from now on before ripping through her mesh crate.  Sheez!  I really can't complain to have a dog that so obviously wants to run with me and is having a blast when we run. 

AND got the pics from Reliant from Tien Tran.  They are wonderful.  I do wish Moxie had her ears up and looked less scared.  Maybe I am the only one who thinks she looks scared.  Most people say she looks focused.  I looked back at pics of Bailey for a friend to compare and most of hers her mouth is open barking.  She is quite the loud mouth.  But it's hard to frown with your mouth open, so she always looks like she is grinning.  Anyway, Reliant objective accomplished--got Tien Tran pics of Moxie before Tien retired.