Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Things are New Again

Recently there have been several things that I have tried after having written them off as not for me long ago.  One example of this is knitting.  In case you've never met me, I have an OCD streak.  I like things perfect and I will often redo them to get them just perfect.  This seems more true when crafting.  I like to cross stitch because there is no "gauge", you put the needle up in this spot and down in that and it never really changes.  And if you do it wrong, you rip it out and start again.  Crochet more easily hides mistakes, but I frequently rip out and start over.  In fact, a blanket I am currently working on I restarted so many times that my friends say I could have crocheted the whole thing twice.  That is perhaps a slight exaggeration.  Knitting always frustrated me because it is harder to rip out and fix mistakes.  But with the help and encouragement of my knitting buddies (and a good lesson on unknitting), I have gotten back on the knitting horse and am working on a basketweave scarf in burnt orange and white.  I am enjoying the change--and the small amount of yarn it uses!  And it is a good reminder that just because I didn't like something years ago, trying again won't hurt me.  After all, I can dislike it twice just as easily as once, or I can find out it isn't so bad after all. 

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