Thursday, September 2, 2010

Limited Perfectionism

It's an interesting thing about my personality that I have very limited perfectionism.  I like for things to be straight.  I have a hanging picture that I straighten at least once a week.  I will move things into the rainbow color order.  But this level of perfection doesn't necessarily transfer to my housekeeping (umm, it doesn't transfer AT ALL), or my cube keeping (only about once every quarter). 

What it does transfer to is my crocheting.  I am constantly ridiculed from my habit of ripping out the beginning of an afghan MULTIPLE times.  I have resisted the stitching of a gauge as I don't want to waste the yarn.  Yet, if I would stitch a gauge, I would learn the stitches and get my gauge all in one (or maybe 6) fell swoop.  This proclivity for ripping out what I don't like is what is keeping me from pursuing knitting. I like the way the stitches look when knitted, but I am too O.C.D. to ignore errors.  So, I am beginning a new afghan and driving my husband and cats crazy stitching and then ripping.  His cat is eying my pile of ripped yarn with mischievous eyes.  She keeps swatting at the yarn as I rip it into a pile, then stitch it out, then rip it into a pile again. And she just cannot understand why I chide her for this.  Isn't that what yarn was invented for: the enjoyment of a cat? 

Perhaps the 7th time will be the charm!

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