Friday, September 3, 2010

How to fund your child's college tuition--be the Daniel household's Vet

I swear that we haven't gone a single month since our marriage without a vet visit. Between yearly visits, vaccinations, Moxie getting spayed, both Emma and Ace getting absesses from bites and Moxie getting a nasty stomach bug, it's been quite a bill.  I could have bought a really nice computer with all that dough.

I am glad that I have relatively healthy animals--you wouldn't know it from this post, but I do. I have friends who have animals with cancer, bad injuries, hereditary problems and persistent lameness.  So I really should thank my lucky stars. 

This is where Moxie spent almost the entire day. Sick tummy sucks!


  1. I saw a doormat recently online that said,"Our vet drives a porsche." :)

  2. I love blog posts (and blog posters) - - so thank you for providing me insight into your day-to-day life!