Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perhaps we'll pay for the Vet's Kid's Masters Too

Revolting developments in the pet health situation at the Daniel house.  TH's cat Abby, the only one not recently at the vet, was attacked last Monday night.  She was badly bitten and within hours had a high fever.  After a night at the vet and more than an hour under anesthesia for debridement, she came home with a nasty frankenstein gash and a very sad face. 
Tonight we found another spot swelling that is most likely an abcess from an untreated bite.  We now have enough experience with them to know one when we feel one.  Sigh.  More vet bills.  And poor little girl who would rather chew off her foot than go to the vet. 

On the bright side, the scotties are being very protective of her.  They were even laying on both sides of her the other night.  I can only figure she must have been in a drug induced coma to allow that.  And I couldn't snap off a picture as Moxie has begun to regard the camera as "that dang lightning box that Mom keeps pointing at me when I am good and comfy somewhere." Note to self: cell phone camera pics are great, but puppies should experience flashes EARLY rather than later.  :-)

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