Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

Father’s day was also my birthday and Glenn and I spent most of the morning at my parent’s with some extended family. We went to dinner together Sunday night and then played with the Scottie girls a little bit at my house. When I announced I was tired and started getting toward bedtime, Glenn came in and asked me if I was going to even look at my present. I asked where it was and he said it was on the table. I came in from pottying the dogs to find a beautiful bouquet of roses (which he arranged himself earlier in the day and hid in the house so they wouldn’t get hot in the car at dinner) and I told him they were beautiful and smelled them. Glenn then asked if I was going to look at the cards. I went back to the table and grabbed a large card. It was from Bailey and Moxie. When I opened it, it barked the happy birthday song, which caused lots of head tipping and interest from the dogs. I pulled the card out and it said “Happy Birthday Mom. Will you marry the glenn-bo? Love Bailey and Moxie” (Glenn-bo is what I call him when I talk to the dogs---don’t ask, I’m just weird like that) I had to read the card twice before it made sense to me. I looked at Glenn, who was grinning from ear to ear. He said “Well?” I said yes and he handed me a beautiful diamond ring.

So, it was quite a birthday! And my dogs did the proposing. Turns out Glenn had the ring for almost 3 months. I had told him it was very important to my parents that he ask permission. My dad has been working out of town for the last year and a half and Glenn just didn’t want to ask over the phone. He kept waiting until my dad would be in town. Seems Glenn showed up early for brunch on father’s day and asked my parents together before I got there.

I am so tickled that he thought of such a unique way to propose. It is something I will remember forever and it shows that he really gets me. He was heard several times this weekend claiming that Moxie is “his dog.” I am late getting this blog up, and I know for sure the next one will be about him stealing my dogs’ affection!

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