Monday, July 30, 2012

The Day You Were Born Part 2

I forgot to mention in Part 1 that Uncle Craig had shown up in the triage room shortly after Grandpa and JeJe. He said he just couldn’t get any work done and was so excited he had to come wait, even though he might not get to see you for a while. Then when they told us the c-section time was so close, he was really glad he had come. So, even before you were here, he was pretty crazy about you! He called Auntie Sharon and she arrived shortly before the allotted time. The little triage room we were in was too small for everyone, so everyone but Grammy moved out into the waiting room.

All of the sudden it was time to go to the operating room . Daddy and I were walked down the hallway and as we passed a door, there was a younger guy with scrubs and a mask on. They said there was a change of plan and he would be our anesthesiologist. The nurse assured me this was a good thing. He looked really young and for a minute I was slightly alarmed and then I thought about how Uncle Mikey looks young but is a really good pilot and decided this guy could be the same.

We walked past a bench where they told Daddy he had to wait. I walked into the OR where people were laying out instruments and prepping the room. I began to get nervous remembering they said I might have a general if my scoliosis was too bad to do a spinal. They had me step up on a stool onto the table. The anesthesiologist had me lean forward and looked at my back and said he could do a spinal. Then I got really nervous. He numbed my skin and I started to sweat. I was really wishing Daddy could be there to hold my hand. I remember the spinal hurting a good bit, but only for a minute or so. I tried to hold really still while he put it in and before I knew it, it was in and I was laid back and I started going numb.

They had me scoot onto the bed/table before I went completely numb. The dr put a nasal cannula in my nose. It made me very uncomfortable. I don’t breathe very well through my nose and this was like trying to drink from a fire hose. The air was very strong and fast and I couldn’t breathe. I finally asked if I could have something else because it was bothering me and he gave me a mask instead. That worked much better and I was able to calm down and open my mouth and breathe when I needed to. Everyone was bustling around and I really wanted Daddy to come back.

They finally hung a drape in front of me and Daddy was brought in. He came over and held my hand and told me many times how much he loved me. I could tell he was really nervous. It’s funny that him being nervous made me more calm. The anesthesiologist was very nice. He would tell us generally what was going on and reassure me that I was doing well. He had very nice blue eyes above his mask and a soothing voice. Daddy was waiting over my left shoulder and the anesthesiologist was over my right and there was a big blue sheet at my chin. I could hear Dr. Phillips talking to another dr. He had told me that a woman, Dr. Capet would be helping him out in the OR since there were twins and he needed an extra set of hands. I heard him telling her that we had twins coming and then they chatted about the weekend and various benign topics.

Pretty soon, I could hear and feel them getting down to business. I could feel what was happening, but it didn’t hurt. Just movement and pressure and I was aware of what was going on. I heard them say Twin A, that's you Anna, and pretty soon they told me to look up and see my baby. This very pale baby covered with white hovered over my head for a second. You were dripping fluid everywhere and I got some in my eyes and mouth. I got just the very quickest glimpse before I had to blink and spit and when I looked back you were gone.

Ella moments after birth. This is the closest to what I saw when I looked up, although there was a lot more vernix. You look pretty darn angry about the whole situation. :-)

Daddy had stood up to see you and he was very excited. I was waiting to hear you cry and as soon as you did, it was the most beautiful sound in the world and it made me cry. Daddy watched as they fished around for “Baby B”. Ella, later I found out that after your sister was born, the doctor reached in and grabbed one foot. But he couldn’t grab the other foot, you kept pulling it away from him. Eventually he had to flip you around and fish you out head first because you weren’t cooperating. It’s like after your sister left, you all of the sudden had lots of room and decided you weren’t ready to leave yet! That's why Anna was born at 12:42 and Ella at 12:44, because Ella tried to escape! They flashed you over the curtain quickly too and then I could hear you really screaming as they worked to clean you up.
As soon as you were both out, the anesthesiologist said Daddy could either stay with me or go over to see you. I didn’t hesitate, I told him “Go!”. I wanted him to make sure you were ok and stay with you guys.

This is the first picture Daddy took when he got over to you guys. I think this is Anna getting cleaned up. It's easier to tell who is whom when you get your arm bracelets.

About that time, I started to feel really bad. I was moaning and feeling like I was going to pass out. I got all clammy and felt short of breath. At some point they had removed the oxygen mask and I was sure I was passing out any second now. I told the anesthesiologist and he assured me it felt like I couldn’t breathe, but that my values were just fine. He even showed me on the monitor that my pulse ox was 92. But, the anesthesia had deadened my diaphragm and my body was just sure it was suffocating. I felt ENORMOUS pressure on my chest. Like they were squeezing my heart from the bottom up and it would explode. I was moaning and just couldn’t stop. It was so uncomfortable. I remember listening to what was going on with you guys while trying not to feel like I was dying. I heard them say how much you weighed. I didn't hear your lengths until later. I heard a nurse ask your names and I heard daddy say Anna Evelyn and Ella Ruth. I was so glad.

After you were born, there was lots more pressure and pulling and jostling that I could feel and pretty soon, without Daddy or babies to distract me, I started feeling sick. I ended up throwing up several times and feeling pretty crummy. I remember they brought you to see me Ella. But I was so sick that I could see the anesthesiologist wave the nurse back while he held my emesis bag. It seemed like there was lots of commotion and at times I could hear you cry, but I was feeling so short of breath and such ridiculous pressure all I could do was groan.

In the mean time, they were taking your temperature, putting on your arm and leg bracelets, taking your footprints and cleaning you up. Then they swaddled you guys up.
This is Ella very mad about having been removed from her nice warm home. You can see why we gave you the nickname "Little Bird" in the hospital. You made little "eep" sounds that reminded me of a bird, and when you cried and your stretched your head up on your little neck, it reminded me of a baby bird.

Here's Anna getting her footprint taken, and not much happier than Ella was!

 Eventually, I started to feel a little better and they brought both of you over to see me. You were all bundled up with hats on your heads and you looked so precious and snuggly. I noticed that Anna was much paler than Ella and they told me that you had swallowed some amniotic fluid on your way out, but that you were just fine. We took a quick picture and Daddy and I remarked on how cute you both were and then the three of you guys headed down to the nursery and I was alone again.

Mommy meeting Ella for the first time.

Daddy took our first group photo. Notice Anna on the left is much paler than Ella.

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